“The influence of the manner of use is a constant one upon the general functioning of the organism in every reaction and during every moment of life, and… this influence can be a harmful or a beneficial one.”          - F. Matthias Alexander



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Hank Hadeed is an AmSAT-Certified Alexander Technique teacher, offering lessons in Portland, Oregon.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a powerful means of improving the way we use ourselves, our manner of reaction to the conditions of contemporary life, and our general psycho-physical functioning.  By engaging in simple everyday activities, assisted by verbal instruction and hands-on guidance from a teacher, pupils learn to eliminate unnecessary habitual reaction patterns, characterized by excessive tension and mal-coordination, and to replace them with more efficient conscious responses.  John Dewey called it "thinking in activity."

Why study the Alexander Technique?
  • The Alexander Technique, when applied conscientiously and with the guidance of a qualified teacher’s hands, will introduce you to an effective means of successfully responding to life's daily challenges.
  • Lessons in the Alexander Technique will help to eliminate undesirable habits through reconditioning the way we use ourselves in daily activities.
  • As our use improves, so will our general functioning and our capacity to direct our manner of reaction in all situations; in F.M. Alexander’s words, we develop the ability to “meet a stimulus that always puts [us] wrong and to learn to deal with it.”
  • After lessons, pupils typically report an increase in poise, alertness, and confidence, a decrease in anxiety, tension, and muscular-skeletal discomfort, and an improved capacity to more fully engage in and derive fulfillment from careers, hobbies, family and social life.

 Who studies the Alexander Technique?

  • People from all walks of life have benefited from Alexander Technique lessons: athletes, computer users, teachers, public speakers.
  • The Alexander Technique has been particularly embraced by musicians, dancers, actors, and other performing artists, as well as those who experience chronic lower back or other muscular-skeletal pain.

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